A network of partners to promote the autonomy of care leavers


PIN Polo Universitario della Città di Prato

PIN – Polo Universitario della Città di Prato offers multiple top-level services in various sectors, mainly concerning consultancy and business support activities that meet the real needs of private companies and public administrations. Projects are developed by more than 30 laboratories, which are able to put the skills and professionalism of experts in the sector and the university world at the service of private companies and public administrations.

ARCO- Action Research for CO-development

ARCO research centre is a PIN laboratory founded in 2008 with strong links to the Department of Science for Economics and Business and the Department of Statistics of the University of Florence.

ARCO offers research services, qualified consultancy and training. It has a ten-years long experience in Local Development, Social Economy, Inclusive Development, M&E and Impact Evaluation, Circular Innovation and Sustainable Commodities. Its strength lies the synergy between scientific rigour and practical solutions.

It draws on the skills and experience of economists, statisticians, political scientists, sociologists and commodity experts who work side by side in a highly interdisciplinary manner, operating both nationally and internationally.

ARCO is the project leader, mainly in charge of coordinating  activities, the monitoring & evaluation and communication strategies and contributes, together with the other partners, to designing the research and dissemination activities.

Contact person: Caterina Arciprete


Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Dipartimento di Scienze Umane per la Formazione “Riccardo Massa”

The Bicocca University was established and activated in January 1999 as the Department of Epistemology and Hermeneutics of Education, thanks to the initiative of a group of professors and researchers in the pedagogical, historical, philosophical, humanities and natural sciences areas who wanted to promote the study of training processes from an interdisciplinary perspective.
The interdisciplinary vocation that has characterised the Department since its inception, together with the considerable increase in the number of lecturers, and the consequent enrichment of the range of scientific-disciplinary areas represented, led the Department to renew its name in 2005, making it more appropriate to the plurality of research perspectives it encompasses.
With the change of name, it was decided to remember the fundamental contribution of Riccardo Massa to the birth of the department, as well as to dedicate to his figure of teacher and scholar the reference of a department that promotes from the beginning an idea of plural education, attentive to the reflective-interpretive moment as well as to the experiential and more concrete one.

Elisabetta Biffi (contact person)
Alessandro Pepe
Stefano Pippa

SOS Villaggi dei Bambini ONLUS Italia

Villaggi dei Bambini is part of the SOS Children’s Villages network, the world’s largest organisation that has been working for over 70 years to ensure that children and young people who cannot benefit from adequate parental care grow up in a situation of equality with their peers, realising their full potential and the possibility of living an independent life. It is present in 137 countries and territories, where it helps over 1 million children, boys and girls and their families. In Italy it promotes the rights of more than 33,000 children and young people and takes care of more than 800 children, young people and families experiencing serious hardship. It does so through 7 SOS Programmes and Villages, respectively in Trento, Ostuni (Brindisi), Vicenza, Saronno (Varese), Mantua, Turin and Crotone.
Contact person: Margherita Brasca

Comune di Firenze, Area Promozione Diritti e Tutela Minori

The P.O. Promotion of Rights and Protection of Minors is responsible for managing the activities of the Professional Social Service concerning the promotion of the rights, protection and protection of minors assisted and/or in condition of assistance by the Municipality of Florence, in collaboration or not with the Judiciary. The creation of a single juvenile protection service at city level has in fact strengthened the capacity for dialogue with all the Judicial Authorities and has favoured, in particular, the establishment of a relationship of close cooperation with the Juvenile Court, the highest body delegated to the protection of minors.

Contact email: Claudia Magherini

Società della Salute Area Pratese

The Area Tutela Minori of the Società della Salute of the Prato area is the operational partner of the project. Its involvement enables the training of professionals, as well as the involvement of care leavers, foster families and communities.

Contact people:
Eleonora Dragonetti
Angela Vignozzi