CarINg aims at helping girls and boys in the alternative care system (care leavers) become protagonists of their own future by making them feel part of a welcoming community

CarINg is a European action-research project that supports boys and girls leaving the alternative care system (care leavers) in realising their life project:

It focuses on care leavers, involving them in all phases of the project and supporting them during the process of preparing for independence.

It provides tailor-made training for social service professionals and stimulates the community to network around the needs and aspirations of carers.

The action-research will provide recommendations on how to improve policies for care leavers with a special focus on preparing, facilitating and accompanying young people during and after the process of leaving the care system.

Actors and actions

CarINg adopts an ecosystemic approach that brings together care leavers, social service professionals and local actors to create an integrated local model based on the Capabilities Approach.


The project follows 3 directions :

➡️ it involves care leavers in a participatory research.

➡️ it involves social workers in training sessions to support care leavers in transition to adulthood.

➡️ it involves local actors to create opportunities for the autonomy of care leavers.


The action-research will provide recommendations on how to improve territorial policies that enable care leavers to shape and pursue their own life project.

Main objectives

CarINg intends to provide care leavers with the appropriate support to enable them to realise their life project outside the care system.

The project has 2 main objectives :

  • Objective 1

    To train and raise the awareness of all the actors in the community in order to guarantee that care leavers are listened to and that they have the right to participate in the decision-making process that affects them.

  • Objective 2

    To elaborate an integrated model for the care leavers' care that can become a methodological and operational reference point at local, national and European level.

The project CarINg is co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union